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The Sweet Whisper of Optimism

Sitting here in this moment, giving thanks for this weekend moment, reaching every corner of my mind and heart while reflecting in the warmth of the quiet moment with the sweet whisper of optimism. Feeling the peace and the stillness in this weekend moment. Feeling great love in every part of my whole being and gratitude.
Thank you for sharing with me the magnetic of your humanness here in this journey. We fray into the future, rarely wrought save in the tapestries of afterthought. More time, more time and enough time, the sweet whisper of optimism invites us to practice extreme self-care.

This weekend is another opportunity for us to acknowledge the joy, and ‘sweet’ we already have in our life and where we can find, peace, wisdom, balance, great love, healing and all things good. The sweet whisper of optimism reminds us to be in the moment with grace, know that our life has great value and be open to all its possibilities. At night, look at the northern-sky and in the warmth of the mo…




What on earth are we here for? I believe it is to work our way out of the safety of the cocoon and emerge into our individual Light, living our best life purposefully. The question remains, how in the world are we going to make this happen? We may have to seek a new course where we become everything we were created to be. That is, find the narrow gate that leads to life. Where personal commitment and transformational change transport us out of ourselves and the obsolete past into the enormous and inviting mystery, creating an unstoppable sense of passion and purpose. 
YES, we CAN live a life of passion and PURPOSE. Once we know WHY we are here and WHAT we are supposed to do with the only life we have to live. It is also true, all of us experience personal winters. However, the attitude that we choose to take toward this experience has a huge impact on our life. It is a significant determinant of how we experience this human journey. Here's the choice we have: We can be frustrated b…

The Road to Transformational Change


A Well Balanced Life

A well balanced life offers us the opportunity to find harmony with everything that comes to us, POWER UP our performance and COMMIT to live life to the fullest. It is the space for new possibilities, which in turn will make our life more fulfilling. The road to be fearless and do the work to become stress resilient. 
Our life gets hectic, we are choosing the familiar, the struggles, the maddening pace and our stressful life. We find ourselves off balance, not paying enough attention to important areas of our life. Our life is very messy, tangled with many obstacles to overcome, stressors to manage and bottlenecks to break through. Breaths come and breaths go. Tens of thousands of times, every day of our life, our breath changes its direction. The events of our life come and go too. Nothing stays constant. Everything is changing. The attitude that we choose to take toward this ever-changing nature of our life---how well we learn to let go of what was and move on with what is---has a hu…