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Living Purposefully

It is Not Living that matters, But Living Purposefully.

You choose this Life to do something that only you can do... Now, what is it?

It is Not Living that matters, But Living Purposefully.

Your Life Mapping <Here>
You're here on this journey (your life) for a much larger purpose than the role you're fulfilling now...
Have you ever really discovered what your unique/true purpose is?
The Secret to Living Purposefully, you must commit to acting from the awareness that you are 100% the source of your reality.
Every day is your reason for being and your soul is: Your canvas,Your saxophone...You paint it,You play itYou write it as every true artist does--in unique collaboration with the Architect of the Universe (God).You are also like a captain navigating a ship (your subconscious mind). Like a captain who must give the right orders and likewise, you must give the right orders (thoughts and images) to your subconscious mind which controls and govern…

The winds of Awareness, Love, Authentic Interaction...

Breathe, face forward into the winds of Awareness, Love, Authentic Interaction and in the warmth 'Presence' is alive and the encouraging presence you feel is not simply the words, or gestures, it is rather the whole presence enfolding you and helping you find the concealed door to trust your own possibility and potential by exploring what gives your life meaning.

Now! Stand still and Stop paying lip-service to your Personal Purpose! Take some time to Reconnect and Renew your Commitment:
To turn Each of Your Goals Into Specific Actions! To be fully present in the now.To assist others to complete their daily responsibilities with more joy and lifts everyone around you higher.To do your best to bring forth your soul's greatest desires.To do what it takes to embrace one of the most powerful agents of change, DESIRE. As you may be aware, in its purest form, your true DESIRE is a magnet pulling you toward the life you want to live. To check your attitude daily and take a …