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100% Committed

When will you be ready to do the work that needs to be done in order to change your life for the better?How Are You Committed to live the life you want?How can you achieve ANYTHING if you are not 100% committed to its accomplishment?
That's right, you cannot. The world is a much different place than it used to be and now more than ever it has become important for you to understand that you are the co-creator of your own life.
Nevertheless, make no mistake, the process of changing your subconscious beliefs to create the life your heart desires is not to be taken lightly.
The entire process requires your dedication and your COMMITMENT. When you purposefully commit to something, action always follows thought:
There is no question, no debate, no doubt or struggle.You don't wonder whether or not you will take action or not. Commitment goes beyond making a choice.In the heart of self improvement, people gain a mysterious strength and resolve when they make a purposeful commitment.

Who Are You? Why Are You Here?

'Who I am' is not a fixed entity. I am neither on the ground, first or second,
I am a dynamic stream of experiences that are alive in every moment as I let myself happen.
I am conscious that I shall never again be satisfied to live the life of a common lump of earth:
I am a spiritual being experiencing a human experience. I am awakening to the mystery of Life.I am being mindful of the clusters of presence that make up my secret companionship.I am celebrating the quiet immensity of creation.I am feeling deep gratitude for finding the path to the secret belonging of my heart, the gifts of Life, Gratitude, and Grace.I am 'Love'. I am Windsor Lindor.I am that I am. The Human - I am becoming the human who chooses to live life fully with a purposeful attitude and the awareness of developing ‘softness’. 'I am that I am’.  
I am the human who chooses to open the door for grace and harmony in order to live a life that is orchestrated by my integrated mature spirit. I am the ma…