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Excellence In Action

YOU DESERVE THE BEST. Yes, you have the ability to act and the responsibility to discover the steps necessary to find the strength, confidence and courage to persevere; to face each day and to do what you must do and boldly go where you have been secretly desiring. We all have challenges, but our individual response to them determines our well-being. Remember, you alone are responsible for your life. Every day is your time, your moment, and your reason for choosing to:
Grow.Learn the language of success.Take CONSTRUCTIVE ENERGETIC ACTIONS to renew your sense of purpose.Be responsible. Will you make that choice?
Or, you can choose MEDIOCRITY:
Becoming stagnate.Remaining fearful, and doubtful.Seeing the absence of what you truly want in your performance and DOING NOTHING.True, you choose this Life.
What are some of the strategic decisions that will help you take initiative in your life, resolve resentments and challenge your 'self' to pursue large dreams and goals?What is it yo…

The Becoming of Us (Cont)

“The Becoming of Us” allows us to whisper soul to soul for eternity. The melody of songs playing through the early morning, reminding me of  your Light.

Love, I am becoming aware of my totality by the presence of your Light, and within the heart of me, I embrace you in a place, I call soul deep. Each passing day, I grow through gratitude, and more passionate than I have ever known.
I am committed unto your Light for all time, and consumed by your Fire and Light. The intensity of  “The Becoming of Us” surrounds all of my senses engulfing, and drowning me in the sweetness of your warmth. There is not a moment when you are not by my side and for that, I know you will forever be here in my heart.

“The Becoming of Us” - It allows me to surrender my heart to your Light. You have touched a chord within my soul, and I will never be the same. Today, in this moment, and from “the becoming of us”, I have learned that your Light will always symbolize:

Great Love Is Of The Heart

Great Love is of the heart - It will take you to the higher levels of consciousness:
Uncover the hidden blocks and break through your barriers to bring healing to the wounded parts of you that often sabotage relationships.Give yourself Permission to rejuvenate your Love and create fulfilling relationships.Create the experience of Great Love is the key to creating a great relationship.The Foundation of Great Love - It is more than a feeling. It is an action from a spiritual centered place. It flows directly into the heart from the ultimate source of all. This is a Great Love, absolute love-pure, unconditional openness and warmth, which actually abides at the very core of your nature.
Great Love is of the heart. The only way you can receive Great Love is to take personal accountability for your own connection to the ultimate Source, your root of happiness. And the only place you can connect with the Source is within your own being. Once you do that you feel and see It reflected everywhe…