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Dare To Change Your Life

Have you made a commitment to reject the lies told about your good character? If not, when will you decide to open the Door to a Whole New World Within You and dare to change your life for the better? Our world as we know it is shifting. This period can be a time of transformation if we wake up to our true selves or, it can be a time of tremendous devastation, discontentment if we are unwilling to let go of self-defeating behavior. This is indeed a call for you to make this a life of far greater SUCCESS and infinite possibilities. Think about it:
How many times can you betray your soul before it gives up and ceases calling to you at all? I believe that you have the capacity to make this a life without limitations and to trust that there is something beyond what you already know. Every day is your time and the opportunity for you to plug into your Unique Visions, Values and Roles. Achieving the consistent results you demand in the most important areas of your life. True, this is your li…

Your Expectations

What are your expectations?Have you had a chance to ask yourself, how far are you prepared to meet up to your own expectations?How far can others meet up with your expectations?What are your expectations of yourself and others for a given situation?Are you expecting more than is realistic for this person in this particular situation?When will you examine your underlying expectations about what you need to be happy and live the type of life you want?What will it take for you to examine your expectations from others? Perhaps you: Have higher (or different) standards than others.Expect others to follow your expectations as well as yourself. You may even be right. However, these are your expectations of others--not theirs. They are who they are, and one root of displeasure is not accepting people (or events) as they are.
Do you expect to DISCOVER and UNLEASH your full potential, or just whatever life hands you?Do you have sky-high Expectations—coupled with the Power to exceed them—or do you…