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The Reason For This Journey

The reason for this journey is a personal thing. It is a process. It is work and it takes time. This is perhaps the main reason why many of us never find our life purpose. We want results instantly. Unfortunately, finding life purpose does not work that way. It is more a journey than a one-time stop.

With this in mind, living our life purpose is considered to be an emotional and intellectual transformation during which we must focus on making great efforts to develop our emotional intelligence and our intellect through meditation and excellence in action. 

Through this period, we will also be called to assess our true nature by recognizing and coming to terms with how we are going to live each day as a testament to what we are on earth to accomplish. The remarkable thing is we are worthy, naturally creative and resourceful. Yes, we have a choice every day regarding what we want from the inner life of thought, emotion (feeling), imagination and prudence.

The reason for this j…