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To My Spiritual Warrior Friend

Hello There, I understand that you are struggling with matters of life. That is, you are living in a place that does not resonate well with your being. You find yourself going backwards here in this negative place and you are homesick to find your true meaning. You are spending to much time in your head. I thank you for opening slightly the door of your soul and sharing with me your courage.  You are also in a place of un-trusting. As you continue to work each day to keep your faith alive and hold out the hope that you will find the ‘Key’ and use it to change your life to a new freedom, love, authentic success and achieve the results you desire...  It has been challenging for you since this transition. I understand and well, in truth life feels more like a battleground at times. You are also in a place of awareness... You listen to your inner reality--you are a spiritual warrior.  As you know, "Life is not a matter of avoiding the tough lessons, but of e…