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Springtime is here and like all creation, we too experience seasons. Without exception, no one can live without going through personal winters.
Personal winters can be very difficult to bear and dreary. It is easy to lose your warmth of the heart during the winter moment. However, winter always precedes spring and every living thing must pass through a winter to enter spring. Good News. Springtime is here. The Road To 'Resurrection'.
The Road To Change.  The Road To Life. Flowers are blooming, skies are turning blue, warm days are emerging, and birds are singing.
The Road To Change - Bravery to heart and to be fully alive. The Road to find compassion, peace, abundance, beauty, and love.
Your spring season is here. It's bursting with Life. With this in mind, you are called to take a 15 Minute instant vacation: Pick up a decent-sized hand mirror. Look at yourself for a while, and listen. Listen as you breathe. Stand still, and keep your awareness on your heart. Find the narrow…