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A Contagion of Acknowledgment Moment in Gratitude.

Quieting the unremitting chatter inside.Being Mindful.Experiencing Acceptance, Appreciation, Compassion, Equanimity, Kindness, Love, Possibilities, Gratitude, Gentleness, Inner Peace and Grace.
In this moment, they are inextricably linked.
How can I explain my silent sea, approximate in words the gifts of life, and acknowledge this moment in gratitude?
I will simply remain and embrace this moment of celebration and expression of gratitude to invite you to join me in spreading this contagion of acknowledgment in gratitude with those you encounter:
Invite others to "pay it forward" and I am sure from here you will walk on purpose and hold your head high. An invitation, without words, for all to share your vision. The vision that is boundlessly undefined, yet unfailing and sure, that tomorrow will be.During this moment of expression of gratitude, you have an opportunity to witness the blessings in your life:
Know of your ability to choose, act, think and feel differently about your …