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Your Responsibility

You choose this Life, and no matter how long
and complex your life may be, it is your responsibility to be an expert of your Life. That is:
Deliberately embrace your authenticity and the gifts of your authentic 'Self' (Be what you are).Make Your Life as profound as you can.Commit with a passion and a focus that your life deserves.Do not be afraid to find out what you need to do differently to reach new levels of excellence and attain the success you desire in life.Do not be afraid to come out of the isolation of your 'Self' trance and journey through the traps of ego into the unfamiliarity of your journey. Raise your awareness to a higher level.Use your Attitude and Power to build self-confidence in impossible situations. Your Responsibility -  It is a call for you to deliberately take 100% responsibility for your life. It represents your ability to make choices about your thoughts and subsequently to make changes in your life that will positively affect the health of …

Becoming Stress Resilient

Have you noticed how much stress is affecting you, even as it takes a heavy toll?What would your life be like if you were responding effectively to life’s stressors?Are you wondering why you are often exhausted, frazzled, stressed-out, anxious and/or depressed? 
Your Life - You create 'Your Life' and yet you are stressed. You long to become empowered and experience mental peace. Instead, you often suffer a bewildering sense of worry and stress.
Is this the life you have chosen, the life you truly want to live?When will you be  motivated and empowered to give your 'self' PERMISSION to participate in your own physical and emotional healing?What would your life be like if you were responding effectively to life’s stressors? It may not always feel like it, but the choices are yours to make. ACTIVELY choose to find  the strength and courage to invest in improving the quality of your own life by 'Becoming Stress Resilient'.
Beneath the surface of your ego's insatia…