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Women Leaders

In this moment, I am choosing these words for the women Leaders, Pastors, Church Leaders, Community Leaders, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Engineers, Professors, Directors, Inventors, Pilots, Scientists, Astronauts, Firefighters, Lawyers, Teachers, Mothers, Entrepreneurs, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, you are aware of who you are. You neither seek definition from anyone, nor do you wait for anyone to read your minds. You are always at choice. You are quite capable of articulating your purpose and needs.

You are in many ways fiercely devoted to your family, community, church and country. You work relentlessly to find ways to instill self-confidence in those around you. You create and give from your mind, heart and with honor. You are grounded. Your individual ego is not the one orchestrating your life, your integrated mature spirit is. You speak your truth from your heart directly without judgment.

Each day, you do and be your best to take joy and excellence in all that you are, value al…