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Windsor's Perspective of the Simple Truth (Part 2 of 2)

The simple truth, no matter how impatient you are on the dig, the excavation process cannot be rushed; when you hit a bedrock of disbelief and discouragement, the undeniable romance of the treasure hunt will always save the day. The search for your authentic ‘Self’, for something more, is a sacred adventure. True, it requires awareness, commitment, conviction, courage, defiance, decisiveness, discipline, forgiveness and the willingness to STOP the noise and see beyond the superficial world of today, to a life of substance with deeper, clearer values. You will also be called to invest in your ‘Self’ and a process that will help you to uncover all the stimulating choices you will ever need to be able to live this life as your true ‘Self’.
Your Life. Your Choice. The simple truth is that you are called to make a conscious choice every day to shed the old---whatever “the old” means for you—old issues, old guilt, old patterns, old responses, old resentments, old rivalries. Yo…

Windsor's Perspective of the Simple Truth (Part 1 of 2)

The simple truth your mind and heart have been domesticated and without knowing it, you slip inside ready-made roles and routines which then set the frame of your possibilities and permissions. For a while you have been wrestling with life. You have been bullied into silence. It has been very difficult. It seems impossible for you to take control of your life. Your reason for living becomes streamlined. You acquire sets of convictions in relation to fulfillment, success and relationship to each other. You parrot your limited beliefs back and forth as they were absolute insights. You take these limited beliefs as self-constructed barriers, fragile clich├ęs pulled around your life to keep out the mystery. These limited beliefs are making every effort to justify your reasons for not proceeding with placing healthy dependency to work. The simple truth, you are naturally creative and resourceful.You are adequate and worthy of changing your limited beliefs in order to attain the results you …