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Breakthrough to Success

True this is our life.  When looking into the mirror of our individual soul, are we living the life we want? If not, what would it take for us to commit to our personal best—day in day out and fan the ashes of lifeless hope?
Think about it. Excuses complicate matters with smokescreens. Commit to become the best we can and seek a new course where we become everything we were created to be. Why? I believe, our reason for being is to break through to our individual success and live a purposeful, fulfilled, abundant and balanced life.

However, our individual success will not wait. If we delay, it will become wed to another and lost to us forever. This is the time. We can break through to our success by finding and using the keys of strength, self-confidence, courage, thoughtful attention, goal setting and purposeful action to click into position. A call for us to free our mind from limiting beliefs, heavy emotions, old wounds and personal imprisonment of our bad habits that we…

Your Life - Your Choice - Your Battleground

This is your life. Your choice. Your battleground. Do not be afraid to come out of the isolation of your 'Self' trance, journey through the traps of ego into the unfamiliarity of your battleground and Breakthrough to Your Success on Purpose.
Welcome every morning with a smile of gratitude.
Look on the new day as another special moment where you choose to deliberately invest more in your ‘Self’ and take responsibility for your life and choose true forgiveness. You are invited to enlarge your frames of belonging—not to settle for a false shelter that does not serve your ability to be managed by true Love so that you can manage your ‘Self’ and master the art of relating to others.
This is the time for you to find the ‘Key’, use it to meet your authentic 'Self' fully and dispel all the images of who you think you are and let go of the past. Why? Because it is time to free your ‘Self’ from emotional pain and live a more loving, prosperous, abundant and balanced life.
In the …