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Dare To Change Your Life

Have you made a commitment to reject the lies told about your good character? If not, when will you decide to open the Door to a Whole New World Within You and dare to change your life for the better? Our world as we know it is shifting. This period can be a time of transformation if we wake up to our true selves or, it can be a time of tremendous devastation, discontentment if we are unwilling to let go of self-defeating behavior. This is indeed a call for you to make this a life of far greater SUCCESS and infinite possibilities. Think about it:
How many times can you betray your soul before it gives up and ceases calling to you at all? I believe that you have the capacity to make this a life without limitations and to trust that there is something beyond what you already know. Every day is your time and the opportunity for you to plug into your Unique Visions, Values and Roles. Achieving the consistent results you demand in the most important areas of your life. True, this is your li…

Your Expectations

What are your expectations?Have you had a chance to ask yourself, how far are you prepared to meet up to your own expectations?How far can others meet up with your expectations?What are your expectations of yourself and others for a given situation?Are you expecting more than is realistic for this person in this particular situation?When will you examine your underlying expectations about what you need to be happy and live the type of life you want?What will it take for you to examine your expectations from others? Perhaps you: Have higher (or different) standards than others.Expect others to follow your expectations as well as yourself. You may even be right. However, these are your expectations of others--not theirs. They are who they are, and one root of displeasure is not accepting people (or events) as they are.
Do you expect to DISCOVER and UNLEASH your full potential, or just whatever life hands you?Do you have sky-high Expectations—coupled with the Power to exceed them—or do you…

Your Beliefs

If you want to discover a way that leads you to actually LIVE the life you desire, you will need to: Open your heart and mind.Have a longing to be mindful in the areas of your actions, speech, thoughts, and beliefs. It is true that you are loving and to love is your reason for being. However, you do not know you are worthy of being loved until you set out in search of the 'Promised Land' or stumble toward Something More.

This search is spiritual and necessary, crucial to bring you home to your authentic-self after a lifetime of running away. You can moan and clench your teeth all you want. However, through this spiritual search no one hears your heart tearing  asunder except your God. This is not punishment. It is rather a search that will allow you to learn and propel you toward your destiny.

Or free you from whatever is keeping you from it.

You set out on this search for one reason and one reason only:
To find yourself and this can only happen by reviewing the templates for you…

Your Life Matters

Through your life you long to create a
meaningful life and achieve the success you desire. Instead, you often contract resentments, heavy emotions, old wounds, and suffer a bewildering sense of fear and stress.  What is the way out of this? A willingness to begin your authentic adventure and live life to the fullest. Explore The Golden Rules of Change.Go beneath the surface and learn to train your mind to think in a new way, a way that leads you to taking Control of your Life and Making it Matter.A way that leads you to take The Fear out of Changing.Expand your understanding of your Life Purpose.   Learn some of the steps on how to reclaim your power to choose what you want your life to be.Learn and practice the steps necessary to optimize your motivation, meaning and inner fulfillment. Train your mind to manage your life and learn how to acquire discipline for yourself on your own terms.
Standing on life’s stage get back on track toward your goals – and accelerate your momentum. The…

The Now

Contentment never comes from externals. Never. Time for you to experience a simplified life and learn to slow down long enough to see through all the clutter. 
Become more inner-directed. Embrace the joy of being alive right now. For the the Now stretches before you--and heart to heart, you are exclusively called not to let Stress Hijack Your Life. I am certain you are aware that stress is bad for you and to put it bluntly. It can kill you, in fact--A study has revealed that stress causes deterioration in everything from your gums to your heart and can make you more susceptible to everything from the common cold to cancer. 
When will you be committed to eliminate the diversions that have been keeping you from significantly reducing worry in your life? The Now offers an opportunity to:
Decide exactly when you want to start the process of identifying and reducing the stress in your life.Quiet the unremitting chatter inside your head and listen closely to what your heart has to say. Loo…

Your Choice

When will you choose to: Stop responding to the expectations and judgments given to you from birth and unknowingly develop emotional roadblocks?Become the person you were always meant to be and achieve authentic success (The Success You Deserve)?
Dare to choose the freedom to: Live simply, love generously, care deeply, and speak kindly.Genuinely start ANEW from a FRESH frame of mind.Allow  courage  to be a presence in your life.Maintain your integrity a desire to step into the infinite possibilities of your life (A balanced, loving, and prosperous life).Put resolution revolution, courage, commitment, determination, discipline, desire, excellence, faith, resolve, volition, and will power into your performance. An opportunity to recommit and make a  Resolution of resolving to 'Change Your Life For The Better'.
A life of far greater SUCCESS and infinite possibilities... Whatever failures you have had in the past do not need to be with you one day longer. You can change your life for t…

Something To Think About

Your essence is waiting for the opportunity to reveal itself. 

No Excuse.Living Purposefully Matters.
Think about your hard work, sweat and tears for the last 12 months.
Have you produced all the success you desired this year?Are you exactly where you want to be?Be honest—how often did you say to yourself this year, “There must be more to this.”? What's one thing you've been putting off because you've been afraid to start this year?Can you identify the exact source of your greatest fear in the last 12 months?Is your inner landscape a secret imprisonment?Which step forward can you take to reduce your fear and get on with your task? Seize this moment. Pursue Excellence. Make It an Action Adventure. 

Think about it. You fight for your freedom, praise it and in the practice of your life, you usually keep back from freedom (your innermost desires). Within you there is deep freedom. However, to inherit your freedom, you have to claim it before it becomes yours. 

If you are fully awar…