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A Two Hour Call - Becoming Stress Resilient

Have you noticed how much stress is affecting you, even as it takes a heavy toll?
I am certain you are aware that stress is bad for you and to put it bluntly, it can kill you, in fact. Studies have revealed that stress causes deterioration in everything from your gums to your heart and can make you more susceptible to everything from the common cold to cancer. Adding insult to injury, stress may even have a self-perpetuating effect. How many of the following health problems linked to stress affect you?
Stress Affects Health: Heart DiseaseDiabetesSleep disordersObesity or being unable to lose weightDepression and anxietyImmune system disordersSkin disorders and hair lossHigh blood pressure How stress affects health is well researched. For instance, Mayo Clinic researchers have shown that long term stress is closely linked to some of the above ailments.
Is this the life you have chosen, the life you truly want to live?When will you be  motivated and empowered to give your 'self'…