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Living The Life You Want

When are you going to give your ‘self’ PERMISSION to do the work that needs to be done and create the Life you want purposefully?Why is it that you tell yourself you want certain things but you don’t take action?Are you trying to predict what is going to happen? Are you simply living life as you know it and extending it to tomorrow, next week, next month and next year?When will you get the tools you need to see the absence of what you truly want in your performance and take a CONCLUSIVE ACTION to bring about what you truly want (intentionally and immediately)?
You might have the best of intentions to make certain changes in your life, yet you do not follow through on your resolutions.

Be Honest. How often have you set limits for yourself that really constrained your success?
You cannot speak in a negative manner—and successfully focus on what needs to get done with excellence at the same time. 
If you want to think and feel that your Life is on purpose, then learn to SPEAK in a way that …