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Self Care

Are you aware?Are you stuck in a repetitive cycle? Are you aware that you can free yourself? Are you stuck in a repetitive cycle where there is no escape?What will it take for you to keep yourself on track in order to develop Emotional Intelligence and experience Intimacy and true Love?
Self Care - It is not only an intellectual process. Self Care is to:
Bring your words and actions into alignment with your desires.Commit to constant and never-ending improvement. Self Care is a constantly changing, evolving art. It requires pure awareness, presence, self-love and a commitment to keep getting better and better every day. Without pure awareness, you will always be struggling against something. With it, you are at liberty to create the life and experiences You desire. Liberty to pursue what you want:
How can you improve today? How can you do better than before? Where can you learn a new skill or develop a new competency?What will you do Someday to truly care for yourself? 
You have to embra…

Life's Purpose

Are You Truly ALIVE? Do you ever get the feeling you're not quite living life to the fullest?Is it not time for you to break the chains of fear and live a life of Happiness, Satisfaction and Significance? Majority of us want to have a fulfilling life (Life's Purpose) and unfortunately, many of us miss a key ingredient to have it. That is, uncovering their life's purpose. They may spend years of their life only to find at the end that they have done the wrong things. Many others achieve fame and financial success but feel empty inside. People who do not find their life's purpose do not have a strong foundation upon which to make their decisions. They most likely will just follow popular opinions.
Do not make the same mistake. Discover your life's purpose and take action that will bring you to the highest possible emotional quality of life. Time to break through your barriers to creating balance and bringing harmony to Your life:
Creating a Winner's Mindset.Keep…

The Road To Change Purposefully

It is one thing to TALK about realizing your
aspirations, and it is quite another to actually ACHIEVE them.
It is time to take control and create your life in a way that matters most to you and this is where you begin, 'The Road To Change Purposefully'. True, it takes: 
Perseverance.Excellence.Focus.Acceptance.Discipline.Time.Effort to change attitudes and habits. You must also find courage to roll up your sleeves and do the work that needs to be done to change the state you are in (change purposefully).
With this in mind, when you become action action-oriented, you overcome adversity by stealing power away from fear.
It is also true that action kills fear and there are endless possibilities available to help you overcome adversity—both perceived and actual.
You must simply take purposeful action to find them and help to create a sustainable process, which includes "accountability structures". Do this, and you will find yourself moving in the direction of your dreams.…

Lesson In Excellence

Standing on life's stage:
What would your life look like if you give your 'self' PERMISSION to intentionally choose EXCELLENCE over mediocrity? Are you becoming the human who chooses to live life fully with a commitment NOT to be asleep to your responsibility?When will you have a tangible written plan, pointing you forward in each major area of your life?When will you be ready to do the work that needs to be done in order to change your life for the better?What’s the one thing you can do in order to achieve the success you desire a great deal sooner?Standing on life's stage, take the next step
on your path to success.  True, it is normal to veer off course when pursuing  goals. Sometimes this happens because you are not truly committed to your goals. Other times, it is because you struggle to hold yourself accountable for doing the necessary work.
When will you choose to get yourself back on track in making steady progress in turning your dreams into a reality through exc…