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Your Life

What will it take for you to create a life of PASSION, Significance and Meaning?Were you unwittingly drafted into blaspheming against your own nature? 

Your world is a reflection of you and if the view in your mirror does not elicit a certain spark, it is time for you to question the underlying
assumptions and commit to get the tools you need to move out of the problems and into the possibilities for your life. Wipe the slate clean. This is your Life and it matters. You are also an incredibly sophisticated, subtle and open-ended work of art. Well, I urge you to discover an effective approach that will lead you toward getting what you want out of life. Do the work that needs to be done and create the Life you want purposefully.Think about it! It is Not Living that matters, but Living Purposefully.
Dare to reach. Whatever failures you have had in the past do not need to be with you one day longer. No matter how you feel about your 'Self' right now, you can make a decision to be…

Free to Experience your Human Journey

Have you produced the RESULTS expected of you and by you? If Yes, IMPRESSIVE and continue doing what you are doing and make no changes. If not, why not? What is expected of you, by you? Do you even know? Are you free to experience your human experience and transform to live the life of your dreams?  Free to experience your human journey and transform to live the life of your dreams, you will also need to acquire the right tools to change the state you are in and your attitude through positive actions. 
Positive actions that will include learning to make clear choices consistently and being the master of your thoughts every moment. That is, you can never quit until you cut away at the cocoon of your limited beliefs:
Whenever you get knocked down by life, don't look back at it too long. Shake off your blunders. Never Quit.Failure will never overtake you if your determination to succeed is strong enough. Never Quit.Set goals that are aligned with what you value most, you will live what…

Radical Approach - Forgiveness

How are you responsible for the creation of conflict, interpersonal difficulties, resistance, tension and fear in your life?Can it also be true wholeness is the foundation of your being, nothing can oppose you? Maybe what arises as an adversary in your life comes from within you. It is important to see the relationship between thoughts of fear, lack and the inability to let go of the past and how they manifest themselves as experiences, appearing as if someone or something is against you.
Maybe it is time for you to take 100% responsibility for your fear-based actions and the hurt they may have caused.  True, the hurt that may be filling your heart is real. The pain is tangible. Your heart aches.
How do you release this difficulty?How can you let go of that experience?Perhaps there is something under the surface that is creating this difficulty. An underlying condition that is preventing you from rejuvenating your life and letting go of the pain. You may want to accept that you cannot e…