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Be Powerful

How much time are you wasting surviving on the dance floor of life? How many invitations to great love, freedom, success, and joy have you missed on the dance floor of life because you were buried in fruitless work of being powerless? Who is leading on the dance floor?
Life is indeed a dance and yes, you can be powerful on the dance floor of life. Thus, you are called to have faith and be mindful. Otherwise you will get stuck in a perpetual and juvenile dance, and end up becoming a puppet manipulated by outside powerful forces.
Be powerful and review the wisdom (beliefs) you have been taught, your guidebook to the human condition. On the dance floor of life, you are called to question the integrity of your beliefs, and know that fulfilling your dreams is your destiny.
It is time for you to genuinely attain the life of your dream, one that binds Achievement, Commitment, Freedom, Love and Fulfillment into one powerful force.
Yes, you can change your life for the better and be powerful. …