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Grow and Live Purposefully in the New Year

Where do you think the inability to undo the negative conditioning to which the mind has been subjected comes from?What would it take for you to welcome 'intuition' as a guest and listen to that still small voice?What would it take for you to win the war that is raging inside your mind and begin to live the kind of life you truly want for the New Year?No matter what your answers are, this one thing is for sure, this is your life andin this earth's life system, it is (your life) a totally unique story and only you really know it from within. You are called not to be afraid and to engage your life on Purpose. Why? Because you cannot move forward unless you are prepared to engage in new experiences, and thereby acquire a different perspective on life for the New Year. No excuse! Unless you make some changes purposefully, the New Year will turn out exactly like the last 12 months. This may, or may not, be a good thing.If you have not accepted the helpthat will bring to…