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The Now

The ‘Now’ is like opening the page to a brand-new canvas. We get the option to stretch our ability to be serious about purging the distractions that have been keeping us from facing forward into the wind of emotional intelligence

The encouraging presence we will feel will not simply be the thoughts, the feelings, the emotions, words, or gestures, it will be the whole presence enfolding us. We will sense our entire being with the realization of our consciousness and the complete presence of awareness, inner peace and fulfillment. We will become more inner-directed and learn to slow down long enough to see through all the clutter of our limiting belief system.
An invitation to leave the ghost of yesterday behind and open the door to the ‘Now’... <Read More>... The 'Now' invites us to find a rhythm of thinking which reflects and articulates the uniqueness of our purpose, attain our highest goals and live the life we want. How?
Do not succumb to rationalizing our f…