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In Celebration of Valentine’s Day - A Letter to the spirit of Love


Stop Paying Lip-service

You are called to stop paying lip-service. When will you address your mental and physical clutter?What will it take for you to throw out all the clutter? When will you free yourself from the mental burden of 'incompletes' and messes?You are called to:
Make this a year of Courage, Purpose, Love, Success and Service.Make THIS YEAR the year you dream bigger dreams, plan bigger outcomes, take action in a bigger way, experience a ton of joy, professional fulfillment, and personal accomplishment.Why are you holding on to old hurts, resentments, and pain?When will you be ready to do the work that needs to be done in order to transform Your 'self' for success?When will you Stop paying lip-service to your Personal Purpose?
At the core of my being, I know you have what it takes to create what your heart truly desires. I also believe you have the ability to renew your commitment in order to:
Turn Each of Your Goals for the new year Into Specific Actions!Be fully present in the now.Do …