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Celebrating the Birth of Great Love

------------ What would it take for us to know, become and mirror Great Love? Would we choose to experience Great Love from the depths of our consciousness? Why would we want to embrace that Great Love gives us wisdom?What would it take for us to become a safe haven for others and good friends who perceive the needs of others intuitively and clearly, with detachment from any personal desires?In just few days, believers and non-believers alike
will celebrate the birth of Great Love. It is also true, for some of us, this time of the year can bring darkness. Well, this is a call for us to note that darkness has a purpose and yes, it is difficult to comprehend. Why? Because this is the moment we must stand in the darkness and focus on that single flame of Truth. Be with it rather than trying to avoid it. For it will sharpen our senses (focus and awareness). 
In the dark, we will actually find no distractions and there is where we will actually see the light that is within us, Great Love. We…