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The Mystery of the 'Now'

Mother Earth is faithfully offering itself again to my longing and imagination---stretching out beyond. It is indeed a fantastic moment and it brings a whole new lease on life. It also brings its own promise of courage, excellence, purpose, faith, grace, love, compassion, joy and forgiveness. 
I am so grateful for the generosity of the Architect of the Universe for the joy to experience the mystery of the 'Now' and this journey as a human being. I have also been given the joy to recognize the beauty and the magnificence that are within me as I become the special artist I was created to be. 
Wakening to the mystery of the 'Now' and it continues to inject me with unconditional caring. I find a smile right from the depth of my heart as I choose to focus on the 'Now' and all the happy memories I have stored away. I am grateful to be part of this exploration. With waves of gratitude, I am renewing my commitment to:
Bring more Love, more Kindness, more Open-heartedness,…