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In the battleground

In the battleground, you find yourself spending too much time in your head. This is indeed a challenging moment and you are carrying what I call "Aches.” Aches that you have yet to heal.  You create suffering for yourself, suffering to others, without knowing that the suffering is in relation to the aches you have created. It is affecting your relationship with others and your body in many ways.
In the battleground, you continue to experience certain tensions in different parts of your body.  They are related to these aches. They are related to repressed emotions. These aches create certain illnesses. They affect your sleep and suddenly, you feel like crying. Suddenly, there is fear. Suddenly there is sadness. And you cannot find the reason for it.
In the battleground, take your awareness outside the place where struggle is ever-present and assume 100% responsibility for your life in order to begin making changes in your life.
In the battleground, you are struggling against somethi…