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The Life We Want

------------ When we run out of strength, it is challenging for us to be responsible for the authorship of our own life and have a tangible written plan with SMART goals, pointing us forward to live the life we want. I would like to remind us, our dreams can become a reality and we can live the life we want. Why? Because we have what it takes inside.
The extraordinary courage that may not ROAR, however it is the courageto see things through to the end. We are quite capable of working hard and devoting ourselves to some larger and more important goals on purpose. 

The truth is that the dreams we had when we were younger do not have an expiration date. Our essence is waiting for the opportunity to reveal itself and for us to have a major insight into the canvas of our dreams to:
Paint with a flourish.Do not let the HOW get in the way of the WANT and WHY.Expand our imagination.Dive into the uncertainty.Appreciate the mystery of transformation.
At the canvas of our dreams, we are called to tr…