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Dare To Transform Ourselves

------------ We stumble through complex situations, figuring things out for our 'self-controlling', taking care of others and we may even call it 'loving our neighbor'. It can also be suggested at the end of the day-this entire package is called codependent behavior, our survival tools. Our means of keeping us safe and convincing ourselves we are living a Godly Life. The questions remain, when will we stop wallowing in what’s held us back and change our old ways of thinking? What will it take for us to create a life of service, passion, significance, meaning and live authentically? This is the time for us to find the courage to be fearless, shed what’s safe and predictable in order to transform ourselves and get rid of the emotional baggage. True, we will be called to:
Replace Certain Habits and Limiting Beliefs with Things that are more Conducive to 'Our Success'.Break the chain of the past and embrace the fact that we were born to conquer all difficulties.Reso…