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The Ability to Take Initiative in your Life

The events of your life come and go. Nothing stays constant. Everything is changing.

The attitude that you choose to take toward this ever-changing nature of your life---how well you learn to let go of what was and move on with what is---has a huge impact on your health and your personal success. With this in mind:
Have you ever wondered what you are here on this planet to believe?What will it take for you to make one committed action within the next 24 hours so you can Replace Certain Habits and Limiting Beliefs with Things that are more Conducive to 'Your Success'? Who is responsible for who you become?Where do you think the inability to take initiative in your life, resolve resentments and challenge your 'self' to pursue large dreams and goals comes from? It is certain,the one person who most blocks you from a full, happy, and successful life is you.

Is it time for you to Break the chain of the past and embrace the fact that you were born to conquer all difficulties?Wh…