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Your Choice

When will you choose to: Stop responding to the expectations and judgments given to you from birth and unknowingly develop emotional roadblocks?Become the person you were always meant to be and achieve authentic success (The Success You Deserve)?
Dare to choose the freedom to: Live simply, love generously, care deeply, and speak kindly.Genuinely start ANEW from a FRESH frame of mind.Allow  courage  to be a presence in your life.Maintain your integrity a desire to step into the infinite possibilities of your life (A balanced, loving, and prosperous life).Put resolution revolution, courage, commitment, determination, discipline, desire, excellence, faith, resolve, volition, and will power into your performance. An opportunity to recommit and make a  Resolution of resolving to 'Change Your Life For The Better'.
A life of far greater SUCCESS and infinite possibilities... Whatever failures you have had in the past do not need to be with you one day longer. You can change your life for t…

Something To Think About

Your essence is waiting for the opportunity to reveal itself. 

No Excuse.Living Purposefully Matters.
Think about your hard work, sweat and tears for the last 12 months.
Have you produced all the success you desired this year?Are you exactly where you want to be?Be honest—how often did you say to yourself this year, “There must be more to this.”? What's one thing you've been putting off because you've been afraid to start this year?Can you identify the exact source of your greatest fear in the last 12 months?Is your inner landscape a secret imprisonment?Which step forward can you take to reduce your fear and get on with your task? Seize this moment. Pursue Excellence. Make It an Action Adventure. 

Think about it. You fight for your freedom, praise it and in the practice of your life, you usually keep back from freedom (your innermost desires). Within you there is deep freedom. However, to inherit your freedom, you have to claim it before it becomes yours. 

If you are fully awar…