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Transform for Success in the New Year

------------ We are now coming up on a New Year. 

Have we made resolutions to change the areas of our life that need it? Are we taking the steps that will build our strength to make those changes? What do we want for the New Year and beyond?What would it take for us to create a Resolution Revolution in order to transform for success?
I believe in order to transform ourselves for success, we must be prepared to engage in new experiences and thereby acquire a different perspective on life. A call for us to commit and reclaim our power to choose what we want our life to be. This call will push us to uncover the unknown, excavate ourselves and the work to transform for success. This will indeed push us to be true to our resolution. For our resolution is intended to be a commitment that we make to a project or the reforming of a habit, a lifestyle change that is generally interpreted as advantageous.

This form of commitment normally goes into effect on New Year's Day and remains until f…

Our Best Year Ever

------------ The clock is ticking. Time to get into the mind-set of BEING and DOING through excellence rather than FEARING. The start of a whole New Year provides us the experience of the freedom to leave behind what 'has been' and start ANEW from a FRESH frame of mind. However, we are called to embrace the true meaning of our unique story, be and do what we must to live on the raw edge of inner peace and divine abundance in the New Year and beyond.
Take a hard look around our life for the next 72 hours. Don't filter our observations through the "good enough" lens. Expect more. Imagine what our life will be like when we are actually LIVING what's most important to us. Make some quality time to locate our heart, open it in the full expression of the purposeful human beings we can be. Our world as we know it is shifting. This period of transformation offers us an opportunity to wake up to our true selves and let go of self-defeating behavior.
This is indeed a ca…

Make the New Year our Best Year Ever

------------ We are called to stop waiting for things to happen and instead start taking purposeful action. Experiencing divine abundance takes more than belief. It requires purposeful action by us and we cannot move forward unless we are prepared to engage in new experiences and thereby acquire a different perspective on life for the New Year.

Give it a go for the New Year. Time to step forward, reduce our fear and get on with the task of identifying the exact source of our greatest fear. Time to undo the negative conditioning to which our mind has been subjected, welcome 'intuition' as a guest and listen to that still small voice. Yes, the New Year is the right time to win the war that is raging inside our mind and begin to live the kind of life we truly want.

It is also true, this is our life and our responsibility to live our life to its fullest and accept the responsibility to live our true purpose starting in the New Year. This may require us to transform our belief system…

Celebrating the Birth of Great Love

------------ What would it take for us to know, become and mirror Great Love? Would we choose to experience Great Love from the depths of our consciousness? Why would we want to embrace that Great Love gives us wisdom?What would it take for us to become a safe haven for others and good friends who perceive the needs of others intuitively and clearly, with detachment from any personal desires?In just few days, believers and non-believers alike
will celebrate the birth of Great Love. It is also true, for some of us, this time of the year can bring darkness. Well, this is a call for us to note that darkness has a purpose and yes, it is difficult to comprehend. Why? Because this is the moment we must stand in the darkness and focus on that single flame of Truth. Be with it rather than trying to avoid it. For it will sharpen our senses (focus and awareness). 
In the dark, we will actually find no distractions and there is where we will actually see the light that is within us, Great Love. We…

The Plan

------------ Our reason for existence is to live an amazing life
(Living Purposefully). It starts with having a meaningful connection with ourselves and having a major insight into our vision. I also believe that our human lives can be likened to a game with rules, a journey with a destination, a stage play that follows a script and a house built with a plan. This plan is a systematic approach that will help us map out a course for our life and get us to our destination. This plan starts with the nature of our answers to the following questions:What will it take for us to become the person we really want to become?What's the one thing we can do in order to know our direction in life?Why would we want to remove conflicts that prevent us from bringing to the surface our nobler parts and life's rich abundance that is so often invisible?
As we reflect on the nature of our answers for the above questions know that our conflicts exist because there are inconsistencies in what we believ…

Do Not Wait

------------ I believe the heart is our very center and the head is just our frontier. I also believe in the individuality of each human soul. We are artists. We are our own special kind of artists. Our souls are our canvas and our saxophone. We paint it, play it and transform it as every true artist does. 
A call for us to become the special artists we were created to be by thinking and feeling that our Life is on purpose, then learning to SPEAK in a way that reflects positive and purposeful feelings.  We will also be called to take a STAND with a renewed attitude. The power we have to express and communicate, to think and thereby to create the events in our life. Transforming ourselves for success is not limited by our past failures---but by our willingness to be 100% committed to its accomplishment and to take the right actions---Right Now! The question remains:
How often have we set limits for ourselves that really constrained us to experience divine abundance and fulfillment?We migh…