The Becoming of Us (Cont)

“The Becoming of Us” allows us to whisper soul to soul for eternity. The melody of songs playing through the early morning, reminding me of  your Light.

Love, I am becoming aware of my totality by the presence of your Light, and within the heart of me, I embrace you in a place, I call soul deep. Each passing day, I grow through gratitude, and more passionate than I have ever known.
I am committed unto your Light for all time, and consumed by your Fire and Light. The intensity of  “The Becoming of Us” surrounds all of my senses engulfing, and drowning me in the sweetness of your warmth. There is not a moment when you are not by my side and for that, I know you will forever be here in my heart.

“The Becoming of Us” - It allows me to surrender my heart to your Light. You have touched a chord within my soul, and I will never be the same. Today, in this moment, and from “the becoming of us”, I have learned that your Light will always symbolize:

  • Unselfishness,
  • Willingness,
  • Devotion,
  • Understanding. 
Because of your true commitment for a caring world, I implore to reside in it at harmony and with the consciousness of “The Becoming of Us” in every morning, and every wonderful, astonishing, miraculous rhythm of my heart.
I hold your Light in my heart until the end of time. For my heart is immortal and to surrender to your Light will never expire.

With your Light, I have seen the truth and learned that I am made strong in the Source. The Source gives me strength for my weakness, my fears are turned to hope, anger to forgiveness and bitterness to a reflection of your Light. I will continue to work and be worthy of your trust, and I continue to organize my behavior to always deserve your Light.

I have surrendered to your Light from the heart. The work continues as I walk daily with the Truth, you (Love) have changed me, and those around me. Love, you work in ways that are wondrous and extraordinary.
Thus, I thank you for remaining in my heart. As from here and in my heart, I pledge that:

  • I shall always march ahead.
  • I shall walk with all my sisters and brothers (all of Universe's women, men, girls and boys) in spirit toward the ‘invigorating autumn of freedom and equality’.
  • I shall cultivate more of  love in order to increase your capacity to become filled with your Light.
  • I shall fill your journey with the color of forgiveness, positive attitude and your Light.
  • I shall create 'Fulfilling Relationships'.
Because, you heal and affect positive growth, I will continue to sense even more the presence of your Light in the midst of it all, that I choose to let it draw me closer, rather than away from the Truth and in that, inner peace is given to my soul. A peace that is birthed out of a relationship with the Truth and it has sustained my energy.

Love, you give me hope and purpose, when nothing else will:

  • You are unselfish,understanding and kind.  You see with your heart and not with your mind.
  • You are life's sweet mystery.
To be never-ending. Love, “The becoming of us”.

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Dedicated to Your Success,
Written By: Windsor Lindor
CEO, Life Coach & Lifestyle Strategist
© 2015 Windsor Lindor Consulting  LLC All Rights Reserved.

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