Personal Commitment

Significant achievements, and excellence in action suggest unequivocally that manifesting a life of far greater SUCCESS requires personal commitment to hard work. There is no fast track to high achievement and excellence. 
With this in mind, there is a difference between interest and PERSONAL COMMITMENT.

When we are interested in doing something, we do it only when circumstance permit. When we are committed to something, we accept no excuses, only results. 
The questions remain:

  • What can we do in order to transform our life for the better?
  • How are we committed to our actions?
  • Where do we think the inability to find the source of success and empowerment to fuel transformational change comes from?

Personal Commitment - We might have the best of intentions to transform our life for the better, yet we do not act on our intentions and follow through. We get frustrated when we think and say we are committed to wanting something for ourselves, but no action follows that voice of commitment.  It is our responsibility to stop paying lip-service to our commitment and create a clear plan in order to live a more loving, prosperous, abundant and balanced life.

Transformational change takes time; it does not happen overnight and it requires, the power of Dedication, Discipline, Focus, Learning and the Power of Personal Commitment, the source of our empowerment. It will fuel positive transformation in our life. Our primary commitment is to know and believe we were born with the capacity to learn how to dream. Knowing what is appropriate at the present time and it starts with our feeling. If we do not commit to make our life, our thoughts, our feelings, our goals and our time a priority, we will be lost in the currents of other people’s desires and expectations. If we do know who we are, make our life matter, acknowledge our feelings and act upon them, we can then begin to be in a direction we have chosen in order to live a more loving, prosperous, abundant and balanced life.

Personal commitment goes beyond making a choice. People gain a mysterious strength and resolve when they make a personal commitment. It is impossible to begin transforming for success without an absolute, personal commitment to a given role. Until we know what role we are going to play, there is no way we can fully power up our performance. Period. Without the personal commitment that comes from knowing precisely what's MOST important to us—we will continue to feel restless and bored with life—sometimes called that dull ache inside knowing that what we are doing is not the best we can do. Or, to the other extreme, we will feel burned out and stressed out with little to no real satisfying reward for the work we are doing.

Stop paying lip-service to our personal commitment! Haven't we suffered enough? This is our opportunity to get the tools we need to free our mind from limiting habits and fill it with the great truths of life. Just think about how our life would turn out if we were truly committed to invest in ourselves through a proven process that would lead us into some of the higher and finer realms of abundance.  <Read More>

Written By: Windsor Lindor
© 2017 - Windsor Lindor Consulting LLC All Rights Reserved. 

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