Power of Personal Commitment

It is true that the road to transformational change can be thrilling to watch take form. Transformational change means letting go of fear. What is the fear?  The fear of the unknown, the fear of success and even the fear of commitment get in the way of transforming for success.
  • When would we re-build a structure that honors creating the life of our dreams?
  • Are we exactly where we want to be in our life?
  • Are we struggling with procrastination? 
Take time to become more aware of our behavior. Identify what we are procrastinating, why we have not done these things and seek out your deepest reason. The road to achieve our goals and create the life of our dreams calls for us to fire-up our determination, tenacity, our dedication and our COMMITMENT to make real change in our life and take the fear out transforming for success. Why? Because determination, tenacity, dedication and our COMMITMENT will take us further than pessimism, procrastination and preoccupation ever will. I also believe that greatness exists in each one of us and our life cannot transform for the better until we are committed to embrace the present and change something we do daily.

In the heart of self-improvement, people gain a mysterious strength and resolve when they make a personal commitment to step up and learn how tap into their inner power and move from contemplation to purposeful action, from fearful thinking to embracing confidence and from lack of focus to an inspired state of mind. We are meant to transform our life to one in which we can choose to BREAK OUT of the old mold that has kept us from choosing a life of far greater SUCCESS and infinite possibilities. The only prerequisite is a personal commitment to our own discovery and a desire to unlock our full potential for supporting life-long happiness, balance and success. The power of personal commitment plays a major role in the process of transforming our life for success.

Transforming ourselves for success is like building a road-bed rock by rock with sweat of perseverance and humility of acceptance. The entire process calls for our PERSONAL COMMITMENT to a cause that evokes our passion and effort to shed what’s safe and predictable. It is also a call for us:  
  • To honor and Live what's most important to us each and every day. If not, we are committing slow-motion suicide dying a little inside each day.
  • Get the tools that will plug us into our unique Visions, Values and Roles in order to improve our effectiveness and find true fulfillment. 
  • Not to let Fear, Indecision, Procrastination and their cousins be in our way.
Yes, it can be difficult, but not impossible. Time for us to find the will power, determination, resolve and personal commitment to act on our intentions and follow through on:

  • Rejecting the lies told about our good characters and think of ourselves as the majority shareholders in our lives.
  • Moving our hopes and dreams off the canvas and into our lives.
  • Getting the tools we need to eliminate the distractions that have been keeping us from transforming for success.

Why? Because significant achievement takes personal commitment. Personal commitment takes Power.

Written By: Windsor Lindor
© 2017 - Windsor Lindor Consulting LLC All Rights Reserved. 


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