Around The Heart of Wonder

Around The Heart of Wonder

'Being' Human... "Doing" goals are important, but "being" and "feeling" goals are foundational to living a fulfilling life... Being in the proper consciousness...

In the warmth 'Presence' is alive... Around The Heart of Wonder, you are called to:
  • Think of yourself as the majority shareholder in your life.
  • Embrace the fact that you were born to conquer all difficulties.
  • Stop Procrastinating.
  • Get the tool you need to Manifest your vision, which consists of the things you want for your life.
In the warmth 'Presence' is alive... You are called to be courageous and be serious about extending your limits and committing to achieve success through excellence and purposeful actions... 

This approach will call you to appreciate  appreciate your 'Being' Human and there you will enhance your "doing" SMART goals..

'Presence' is alive... Be aware that you are called upon to:
  • Open your heart and mind.
  • Open the prison door of fear.
  •  Step into the infinite possibilities of your life
  • Enter into a life of courage, wisdom, purpose, beauty, love, happiness, abundance and glorious liberty.
  •  Explore What Gives Your Life Meaning.
  • Know how to harness this great power, Your Attitudes!
  • Take a conscious effort to embrace your given ability of an expanded positive attitude as a beautiful human being.
  • Reach higher and embrace your intuitive nature.
  • Accept the Way of Positive Change as it extends its open doors to you to free yourself from emotional pain reduce the ego’s control over you.
    • Live up to the true promise of your life.
In the warmth 'Presence' is alive... Around The Heart of Wonder, you are called to find: 

Around The Heart of Wonder, you are called not to waste time with "maybe". This is your opportunity to purposefully raise your awareness to a higher level that would genuinely bring New Dimensions of:
  • Commitment,
  • Courage,
  • Drive, Excellence,
  • Response-Ability into our lives,
  •  Success,
  •  Working toward attaining the life of your dreams, one that binds:
o   Achievement,
o   Love and fulfillment into one powerful force... <Learn More>

May warmth of heart keep you presence aflame and may you experience each day of your journey with excellence as a sacred gift woven around the heart of wonder...

Dedicated to Your Success,
Author: Windsor Lindor
CEO, Life Coach & Lifestyle Strategist
© 2013 Windsor Lindor Consulting  LLC All Rights Reserved.

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