How to get back on track toward your goals...

Standing on life’s stage get back on track toward your goals –and accelerate your momentum:

Stop Procrastinating

The cost to you for choosing not to be a procrastinator will be your courage to discover how not to wait and keep your momentum rolling by Living your True Purpose. Learn and practice the steps necessary to optimize your motivation, meaning and inner fulfillment. Train your mind to manage your life and learn how to acquire discipline for yourself on your own terms.

Let's get started... Reach higher and give yourself a gift! Quiet the unremitting chatter of procrastination inside your head... Do not waste time with "I can't..." Take inspired steps towards transforming your dream (a quality life) into a reality ...

Actively Reject Mediocrity

If you do not ACTIVELY REJECT mediocrity, you are unwittingly choosing it over excellence—and will be traveling down a road littered with broken dreams and failed expectations. Put simply, you are unwittingly choosing Mediocrity over Excellence. 
Here are the 10 choices you must make each day, each hour, even each minute, to GUARANTEE that you are on the road to GREATNESS... rather than heading down the road to MEDIOCRITY:
  • Choose to be ENERGETIC   
  • Choose to be PASSIONATE
  • Choose to be ENTHUSIASTIC
  • Choose to be SELF-DIRECTED
  • Choose to be PREPARED
  • Choose to be FOCUSED
  • Choose to be SUPPORTIVE to yourself
  • Choose to be SYSTEMATIC
  • Choose to be TIMELY
  • Choose to be PROACTIVE
No question, it comes down to identifying exactly what's holding you back from being in these choices and ELIMINATING the root-cause—by choosing to take smarter ACTIONS.

Assess Your Motivation

 Be poised in confidence... Look into the mirror of your soul with an open heart and mind... 
Renew your Commitment. A lot of goals tend to be “should’s” rather than deep “want to’s.”  However, without a burning desire to achieve a SMART goal, your motivation wanes quickly, and your subconscious mind turns its attention to more exciting desires in that moment.

For example, many people set New Year’s resolutions to lose weight – a goal that often falls into the “should” category. We feel like should lose weight because it will make us healthier, reduce stress on our joints, and make us feel more confident and attractive. 
Unfortunately, these benefits are typically not compelling enough to motivate us to keep our commitment to lose the extra pounds.

Pull out your list of goals, and for each one, ask, “What is my why? 
Why do I want to achieve this? 
And am I committed enough to my why to do whatever it takes to achieve this goal?” By identifying or even upgrading your “why,” you can tap into greater motivation and commitment to achieve your goal.

Are You Realistic?

If your dreams are to be fulfilled, you must be realistic and set goals that are Specific! Measurable! Accountable! Realistic! Tangible!
One by one, break down each of your goals. Get clear on what would really be required to achieve each goal. Realistically assess what would it take each week or day to achieve the goal.

Next, start scheduling all of the activities that are required to achieve your various goals. (Note: If you don’t know all of the steps to achieve them, just list the ones that you are aware of for the purposes of this exercise; the rest of the steps will unfold once you begin taking action.)
  • Prioritize your goals.
  • Which goals matter the most to you?
  • Do any of your goals need to be achieved before you can start working on another goal?

Think about it!  Life is too short... It is Time to have a tangible written plan with SMART goals, pointing you forward in each major area of your life. Be seduced by the attractiveness of your goal. Inaction leads to impotence.
Taking purposeful action immunizes you from "Goal Parkinson's," a long, slow goodbye to your dreams, talents and destiny. It is true "doing" goals are important, but "being" and "feeling" goals are foundational to living a fulfilling life... 'Being' Human...

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