Mother's Day

I am feeling deep gratitude for the gifts of my mother's wisdom, trust and love... In this day, Gratitude and Love capture my heart to the very core. They are occupying a large real estate in my being... This day reminded me of my mother’s wonderful quality of motherhood.

It is indeed a fantastic moment. Because of my mother’s teaching, my mind is poised in peace and in the warmth of my heart--there is no judgment, no condemnation no narcissism and no fear. With waves of gratitude, today reminded me the depth of presence about my mother and from the echo of her soul, she was a woman of great strength, courage and kindness.
As a human being, her spirit and human experience were uniquely designed and created by God. She bloomed like a rose and the fragrance of her sacrifice reminded me of the beauty that surrounded her as a beautiful woman. As a human being, her heart grew and blossomed in beauty and grace.  She broadened her pleasant and sweet smell of Loving-Kindness not only in our home, but throughout our extended family, friends and strangers.

My mother had a wonderful quality of being able to give our family a rich foundation of love and deep roots of character and strength. It is a refreshing experience, this feeling of deep gratitude for the opportunity to experience this human experience as my mother’s son.  
Mother, I thank you for keeping your promises.

Happy Mother's Day!

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