Your Beliefs

If you want to discover a way that leads you to actually LIVE the life you desire, you will need to:
  • Open your heart and mind.
  • Have a longing to be mindful in the areas of your actions, speech, thoughts, and beliefs.
It is true that you are loving and to love is your reason for being. However, you do not know you are worthy of being loved until you set out in search of the 'Promised Land' or stumble toward Something More.

This search is spiritual and necessary, crucial to bring you home to your authentic-self after a lifetime of running away. You can moan and clench your teeth all you want. However, through this spiritual search no one hears your heart tearing  asunder except your God. This is not punishment.
It is rather a search that will allow you to learn and propel you toward your destiny.

Or free you from whatever is keeping you from it.

You set out on this search for one reason and one reason only:

  • To find yourself and this can only happen by reviewing the templates for your life experience (Your Thoughts, Your Mind, Your Beliefs).  

  • Have you had a chance to review the beliefs you have been taught, your guidebook to the human condition?  
  • What (limiting) beliefs do you carry that
    would invite an act of self-betrayal?
  • Do you have the support and the tools that will show you new ways to isolate the beliefs that holding you back and help you dissolve negative thoughts?


    Written By: Windsor Lindor
    CEO, Life Coach & Lifestyle Strategist
    © 2015 Windsor Lindor Consulting LLC All Rights Reserved.

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