Declaring Your Personal Independence - A Whole New Lease on Life.

Fighting for your life is not the same as living your life! Look at it. Your Purpose. Your Performance. Your Life and its events.
The events of your life come and go. Nothing stays constant. Everything is changing. The attitude that you choose to take toward this ever-changing nature of your life---how well you learn to let go of what was and move on with what is---has a huge impact on your health and your personal freedom. It is a significant determinant of how long, and how well, you live.

The questions remain:
    • Who is the majority shareholder in your life?
    • Why should you find your life purpose?
    • What are some of the strategic decisions that will help you grow and flourish? Are you being held back by limiting beliefs?
    • What is your deepest desire? What did you love to do as a child?
    • What activities or personal experiences feel most meaningful to you?
    • Are You Truly ALIVE?
    • Do you ever get the feeling you're not quite living life to the fullest?
    • What would it take for to free your mind from the personal imprisonment of your bad habits?
    • Are you ready to take actions that will lead you to a place of pure Love, Awareness, Abundance and Peace?
    • Is it time for a whole new lease on life and declare your personal independence?
However, if you have declared your personal independence and produced the success you desired over the last 10 years, GREAT — continue doing what you are doing and do not make any changes. However, if you are fully aware that you have been working too hard for too few results and you have been running in circles with little forward traction then my recommendation is to commit to changing your life for the better by doing the work to 'Declare Your Personal Independence.'

The way you declare your personal independence is by taking control of your life is to devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning. However, progress to take control of your life requires you to POWER UP your performance and COMMIT to live life to the fullest and you must commit to living a meaningful life. You will also need to:
  • Open your heart to Courage, Wisdom, Purpose, Beauty, Service and Love.
  • Get out of your mind and into Your Life.
  • Get into the mind-set of BEING and DOING rather than FEARING.
  • Maintain focus and committing to what's important to You.
  • Re-build a structure that honors moving the different aspect of your vision forward.
  • Raising your awareness and take Purposeful ACTIONS.
  • Get the tools that will open the prison door of fear, stop the traits of the ego and take the first step to declare your personal independence.
  • Transform your desire for a more balanced life into a positive program of action
  • What would it take for you to find the trust to do what you must to actually LIVE a life where you can be receptive to Inner Peace and 'Accelerate Your Success'?
  • Is it not time for you to Break the chain of fear and embrace the fact that you were born to conquer all difficulties?When would you get started in the road of disciplining your mind to explore your life through its silence?

  • What would it take for you to listen to the melodious voice of freedom calling you to re-build a structure that honors moving you to become victorious and successful?  
  • What do you want to ACCOMPLISH between now and 12/31/2017?
Think about it! Yes, you can transform your dream into a reality and start living your life. Make the REST of your life the BEST of your life. A life of exceptional MEANING, PURPOSE and far greater SUCCESS

Dare to Declare your Personal Independence. More <Here>
Wishing you a journey to be filled with brightness creativity guided by the breath of peace, personal freedom and true fulfillment.

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Written By: Windsor Lindor
CEO, Life Coach & Lifestyle Strategist
© 2015 Windsor Lindor Consulting LLC All Rights Reserved.

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