The Simple Truth (Part2)

Change Your Life For The Better... The Simple Truth
The simple truth, this will require a point of departure, the willingness and the faith to shed what’s safe and predictable in order to embrace your passions and the life that was intended for you from the beginning. Your new, authentic life. 
  • What is it you are waiting for to step out of your comfort zone, face your fears to create the successful life you desire?
There is a simple truth about success. Everything you will ever BE, DO or HAVE in life comes down to 3 simple variables — all of which are within your complete control:
  • Your Core VALUES.
  • Your VISIONS.
  • The ROLES you play to LIVE your Values and ACHIEVE your Visions.
Fail to bring these 3 variables together and you will spend the ONLY life you have to live on things that simply do not matter. You will run faster, chase harder, and spend countless hours wishing and wondering. 

With this truth, there are only two things in life, reasons and results, and reasons simply don't count. There will always be reasons to wait and they do not count.
The simple truth, this work is a challenging process for life changing results. If you are not committed to living your best life, making the most of your life and setting the example for others to step it up and live your best this year and beyond, experiencing authentic success is probably not for you at this time. However:
  • If you have had enough of the way things have been for you.
  • If you feel like you are running in circles.
  • If you want to feel a strong calling filled with passion and purpose.
  • If you want to become all that you are meant to be. 
  • All that you know in your heart, you can be. 
  • Get started right this minute. 
Do not wait one second longer to start living your BEST life on purpose.
The simple truth is there are proven methods including my work as a Life Coach to help you perform on purpose, activate your full potential, excavate your authentic ‘Self’ and find the STARTING POINT for a wonderful new future:
  • A life of Happiness. 
  •  A life of Satisfaction and Significance.
  • To become ALIVE in the truest sense of the word. 
  • To earn more money. 
  • To find a career that is both, emotionally and financially rewarding.
  • To live free from worry, uncertainty and doubt.
The simple truth is that people with a strong sense of purpose and mission not only perform on purpose. They are in the top 10% of all success stories. 

  • Because they have absolute CLARITY of direction and purpose. 

They have the CONVICTION that what they are doing is the RIGHT thing to be doing. They make the unwavering COMMITMENT to do whatever is necessary to plow through the obstacles to actually ACHIEVE the success they desire. They succeed. The simple truth is simply because their crystal-clear expectations are born from powerful clarity, conviction, commitment and courage. Which, of course, is exactly what you are called to create, a Resolution Revolution. The key to making the rest of your life the best of your life.
The simple truth is that if you fail to make real changes now, you greatly diminish your future. If you want to get it together for this year, my question is simply, if not now:
  • When will you be ready to do work that needs to be done in order to transform your 'Self' for success?
  • When are you going to trust your inner wisdom and find courage to seek help and start taking inspired steps towards LIVING the life you desire?
  • When will you choose to start LIVING on a whole new level, and do it on purpose?

  • When will you challenge your most basic beliefs about what's possible for your life in order to make the REST of your life the BEST of your life?
  • When will you stop choosing between business as usual, status quo, thinking vs. living the life of your dreams?
The simple truth is that the choice between business as usual or status quo thinking vs. living the life of your dreams, is crystal clear. Your choice is obvious on the surface.  You are invited to choose the 4 C's of the Winner's Mindset — over fear, uncertainty, and doubt. The 4 C's:
  •  Clarity. Conviction. Commitment. Courage.
 You can become proactive and take control of the forces now controlling you by creating a Resolution Revolution. Or, you can throw up your hands in despair and throw in the towel. The simple truth is this call to recommit and make a New Year Resolution of resolving to make this year YOUR best year ever:
  • The freedom to genuinely start ANEW from a FRESH frame of mind.
  • Maintain a desire to step into the infinite possibilities of your life (A balanced, loving, and prosperous life).
  • Put resolution revolution, courage, commitment, determination, discipline, desire, excellence, faith, resolve, volition, and will power into your performance.
    The simple truth is that "Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life, but define yourself." ~ Harvey Fierstein

Change Your Life For The Better... Powerful

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Written By: Windsor Lindor
CEO, Life Coach & Lifestyle Strategist
© 2015 Windsor Lindor Consulting LLC All Rights Reserved.

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