To Coach or not to Coach, that is the Answer!

Written By: Lady G aka Glenda Andrew
June 8, 2015 at 3:06pm
    To Coach or not to Coach, that is the Answer! I have had a coach for some weeks now and I wanted to share how valid and important I believe a coach is.
    Many people ask for advice and as friends and family we coach mentor indiscriminately yet we are not very good at it. Well some of us.
    I have always advocated seek a coach, make sure that the coach is right for you.
    When I first met Windsor Lindor I was browsing as I do online and on Google+ I came across this name “Windsor Lindor a coach". Clicked on his website and he jumped out to me.  I do believe your coach has to connect on a level many people do not understand. You have to relate, I do not mean personal like a friend you know that you like the coach, he gets you. I am talking about intuition, here. 

    As a coach seeking a coach I also believe it is imperative not to take our own issues into the room. Many coaches and counselors are not aware that even if you do not speak of them they are formed in energy and it is with you. Therefore I know that I had to release and let go of things that I have and Windsor is that coach, mentor to me.
    I have seen people e.g. friends and colleagues  stressed in many ways and I have said you need a coach, referred Mr. Lindor and to no avail I don’t think they take up a wonderful dynamic offer. You see in spirit I believe is Windsor, connects on a soul level and I know on my soul level is what is required. I believe Windsor is a brilliant listener. And funny! I believe we have to laugh and he sure does that and I will tell you something else life changes…

    Five weeks ago I was very scared to go on stage, now I can go very confidently and as I learned in being true to who I am on the stage speaking at events.
    When I have had crisis at times with family he like an angel appeared, and all resolved in less than couple of weeks.
    I know much is to be done as I evolve and grow with a coach like Windsor I'm mind body and spirit.
    A testimonial is for when a job is done, I don’t believe the job is done as I know Windsor is a Life coach and I am not planning to go anywhere yet except more greatness than I am.  

    Change is good and time is always moving. What I will say is if you see that your life is not moving and change is not happening and you feel stuck wherever you are Check out Windsor Lindor a coach and a spiritual friend !

    I’d like to say Thank you Windsor!

    Written By: Lady G aka Glenda Andrew

    Windsor Lindor
    CEO, Life Coach & Lifestyle Strategist


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