Personal Freedom

  • Standing on life's stage, when will you rise to the challenge of what gives your life meaning, to seek the kind of growth that will support true fulfillment? 
It is my sense you may need to take 100% responsibility for your life and reclaim your personal freedom. The Road to Get Started in getting you where you want to be and bringing all of the elements of your wellness together to create your overall success.
Your Personal Freedom
"Freedom lies outside the pattern of society; but to be free of that pattern you have to understand
the whole content of it, which is to understand your own mind." Jiddu Krishnamurti
  • Are you taking upon your 'Self' the image made for You?
  • Is your inner landscape a secret imprisonment?
  • Why do you long for the invisible walls to keep you in and keep mystery out?
You fight for your freedom, praise it and in the practice of your life, you usually keep back from freedom and the worst chains are not the chains which others would have you wear. The chains with which you shackle yourself by your interior tyrants (inner bullies) cut deepest and hold you longest. These inner bullies come in all shapes and sizes. There is the bully of self-pity, depression, regret, resentment, anger, impatience, resentment, ambition or any other negative state that pushes you around. Starting now, you can begin to understand that no interior tyrant has any real authority over you. 
  • Standing on life's stage, when will you rise to the challenge of what gives your life meaning, to seek the kind of growth that will support true fulfillment?
  • Would you make the personal decision that this is your moment to bring them (inner bullies) into the light of awareness and declare your personal freedom?
Know your Personal Freedom cannot be bought. Your freedom cannot be sold to You. It does not come prepackaged. The key to your Personal Freedom is to arm yourself with the powerful code of conduct that will bring the inner bullies into the light of awareness. 

  • Are you afraid to change for the better? 
  • Are you struggle mightily to stay at a familiar level to remain as you have always been?
  • Are you holding on the hurts?
  • What are you waiting for to get the help you need to make your dreams real?
  • When will you get started in creating a winner's mindset, bringing your inner bullies into the light of awareness and keeping yourself on track in order to develop Emotional Intelligence?
In the inner landscape there is a nourishing and melodious voice of Personal Freedom always calling you to be fearless. To Be Free. It encourages you to:
  • Enlarge your frames of Enthusiasm. 
  • Not be afraid, trust the light of awareness, and get the tools you need to move beyond your old limits, make new choices.
  • Take new actions with enduring confidence.
These are the first steps in making change and untangling yourself from the conditional programs and interior tyrants that keep you stuck.

With the light of awareness, your paths can’t help but wind you forward in your life while paving the way for new experiences and new ways of being. It is through awareness that you can continue to consciously evolve.
Therefore, it is necessary to wake up, or give yourself permission to see yourself, to know yourself, as fully as possible. You will also be called upon to receive the gifts of  your authentic 'Self' and to open your heart and mind. You will be reminded that you are not a puppet manipulated by outside powerful forces.
With self-care, you will not look at yourself through the eyes of others, but from yourself, from the inside out and within the acute reality of your own cognitive and spiritual existence. Why? Because life is of the heart.
Within you there is deep freedom. Freedom to move towards the gift that was prepared for you from the beginning. Living a Vital and Meaningful Life. To inherit this freedom, you have to claim it before it becomes yours.

  • What would it take for you to discover the steps necessary to shift limiting beliefs in order to free your 'Self' and Maximize Your Potential?
  • When will you free your mind from limiting habits and fill it with the great truths of life in order to strike out on new paths?
We were created to be free. When we are not aligned with our true ‘Self’, we need the outside world to validate our values, religious or spiritual positions. With personal freedom, we return to our true ‘Self’, we participate. We see the world is the mirror upon which we project ourselves.
Well, an inner revolution is taking place and you are called to make some room and create a space where extraordinary things are more possible. You are called to find the life underneath your life situation, spread your wings and become the miracle of personal metamorphosis. Give it a Go! Stop paying lip-service to your Commitment! Do not let Indecision, Pride, Procrastination and their cousins be in your way.
  • Do not to waste time with "maybe."

No excuse! Get the tools to Get from Where You Are To Where You Want to Be! Give it a Go! Free your Self from the traps of ego and discover how Not to wait and to live a Life of Meaning, Purpose, Joy and Service. Get the help you need to raise your awareness to a higher level and put RESOLUTION into your Commitment in order to declare your personal freedom.
If you want to uncover the hidden blocks to your growth and success, and unlock your full potential for supporting life-long happiness and success, I urge you to revitalize your inner-space, rejuvenate your Life and declare your personal freedom. Without this Freedom, you will always be struggling against something. However, with this freedom, you will be able to spread your wings, embark on your own soul journey and unleash the full potential of your mind.

  • Would you agree, in order to create the life and experiences you desire, it is essential to have a strong Personal Freedom?
  • Have you achieved your personal freedom?
  • When will you be ready to deliberately invest in yourself for your personal freedom?
The interior tyrants are tricksters and they want to control you. Your efforts to let go and free yourself from emotional pain reduce the interior tyrants' control over you.
Find the means to discover freedom from the traps of interior tyrants and raise your awareness to a higher level that would genuinely bring new dimensions of Personal Freedom:
1. Being aware and acknowledging without guilt of your feelings and thoughts.
2. Accepting and the freedom to choose what you want and need to do to take care yourself.
3. Reaching the point that the price of your self worth is much higher.
4. Respecting, loving, and treating yourself as you would the highest queen or king.
5. Having tremendous love for your own personal body, spirit and soul.
6. Making a conscious connection with your being and not escaping the necessity of 'Loving Kindness'.
7. Cultivating transparency of self by being a master in the art of self-disclosure.
8. Committing to acting from the awareness that you are 100% the source of your reality.
9. Attending to your daily spiritual food, such as peace of mind, love, forgiveness, compassion, grace, courage, wisdom, beauty, harmony, joy and laughter.
10. Becoming free of the patterns of the past.

  • Where is the doorway and who holds the ‘Key’ to your Personal freedom?
You are called to find the ‘Key’ and use it to leave your inner prisons. Give your 'Self' permission to untangle from the conditional programs that keep you stuck and overcome life's incessant flood of darkness.
Experiencing True Personal Freedom! 
Take some time to reflect about how to best use your personal freedom. You are free to dream. Dream the divine purpose you were destined to achieve. Live inside your Personal Freedom. Remember, it is your responsibility to yourself, your family and community to keep freedom alive. If you fan the sparks of personal freedom into flaming passion and you will, over TIME, create the life and experiences you desire. 
I also encourage you to embrace your light within through courage, and take my hand to get started in getting you where you want to be and bringing all of the elements of your wellness together to create your overall success. The road to change your life for the better.

In Loving Light,

Windsor Lindor
Executive Life Coach, Life Coach & Project Manager

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