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My name is Windsor Lindor and I am an Executive-Life Coach. Throughout my life, I have always had an interest regarding human-behaviors, human-relationships, emotional intelligence, transformational change, world politics, spiritual fulfillment and complex human and business problems. However, during the first 30 years of my life and like so many of us, I, too, was at a crossroads, looking for answers, direction and inspiration; anything that could explain the chaos of my daily life.
With that said, it was never my plan to become an Executive-Life Coach. It was simply my dream to become joyous and peaceful with every breath. I wanted no situation to ever take away my happiness because my happiness would be within me. I sought to find out why my challenges never ended, why I struggled for meaning and purpose, why I had disharmony with success, in my relationships and how to practice good health. But most importantly, I wanted to discover a path to lasting happiness. I desired to apply my business, technical and personal skills toward a service that could directly affect people's lives in a positive and meaningful way. I also knew that I needed the freedom to express my own vision, my own passion and, most importantly, I wanted to continue to grow spiritually.
This transformational call challenged me to accept the process on creating an authentic and fulfilling relationship with myself and others, which included finding conscious happiness and contentment, from there my life began to transform every moment. I accepted the challenge and during my leadership skills early development and spiritual search, I had the opportunity to invest and work with an executive-life coach. I also attended many workshops and classes as a student and co-leader.
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