Creating the life you want

I believe, with the right tools and support, you can create a life that is more loving, prosperous, abundant and balanced. You may need to identify exactly what's holding you back from being Energetic, Passionate, Focused and Committed in order to ELIMINATE the root-cause.
This will require you to embrace the power of an expanded positive attitude. An invitation for you to never quit and consciously choose productive thoughts. That is, you will take the role of being the master of your thoughts every moment, and there will be nothing you cannot act on with confidence and passion.  This will include:

  • Pursuing goals that are directly aligned with your core values and personal MISSION.
  • Moving towards more of what you love to do and the ways you can honor yourself.
  • Living a life in the full, passionate expression of your true Purpose and in the sacred service of your heart's desire.

However, the ratio of what you have the right to EXPECT over your ability to EXECUTE governs everything you will ever be, do and have in life. High Expectations with a poor ability to Execute is a prescription for disaster. Small Expectations with a strong ability to Execute is a waste of time. If you want to achieve your personal best each day, do these things:

  • Never quit,
  • Start thinking differently by knowing you are always at choice,
  • Eliminate what is holding you back from achieving true and lasting RESULTS,
  • Expect MORE and execute BETTER. 
You will also be called to answer the following questions honestly:
 1. Do you get the connection between EXCELLENCE and SUCCESS?
 2. Are you willing to consciously choose a more positive outlook right now?
 3. What are three things you are doing regularly that do not serve or support you?

It is also true that you may need to stop the course you are on now and hit the "Reset" button on your life in order to find the way that leads to living a more loving, prosperous, abundant and balanced life. You also need to start performing on purpose, invest in yourself, POWER UP your attitude and never quit:

  • Do not go through this life stuck because of a limiting belief you were given or developed years ago.
  • Set goals that are aligned with what you value most, you will live what's most valuable to you. If not, you are committing slow-motion suicide, dying a little inside each day. 
  • Failure will never overtake you if your determination to succeed is strong enough.
  • Raise your level of expectation in order to execute better.
  • Whenever you get knocked down by life, don't look back at it too long. Shake off your blunders.
  • At time you may feel misunderstood by your friends or they may feel threatened by your approach to life but remember this is Your Life.
  • Live your life to the fullest and be successful by originating all your actions from your core-values and your vision everyday.
I believe you can create a life that is a more loving, prosperous, abundant and balanced. Why? Because if you believe and want to, you can. It has been said throughout history that whatever you believe, with conviction, you can achieve. Remember, you alone are responsible for your life. Every day is your time, your moment and your reason for being. Take it as the gift it is; it will fill you up and lead you to living a more loving, prosperous, abundant and balanced life. 
The life you want. 

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Written By: Windsor Lindor
CEO, Executive Coach & Project Manager
  © 2016 - Windsor Lindor Consulting LLC All Rights Reserved. 

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