My New Story

Throughout this journey, my dream has been to become joyous and peaceful with every breath. Well, through the excavation of who I am and rejuvenating the great love that lives within me, which included working with emotional intelligence, finding conscious happiness and contentment, my life began to transform for every moment in the theater of my heart. 
An excavation with no end as I find out that I am not a fixed entity. I am a dynamic stream of experiences that are alive in every moment as I let myself happen. As a result, I have learned the following: 

  1. I am a spiritual being experiencing a human experience. 
  2. There is always Love all around me.
  3. My life is a collection of experiences.
  4. Heart-felt forgiveness of myself and others is necessary to break free and clear the path for actually experiencing Great Love.
  5. I can have anything I want, if I help enough other people get what they want.
  6. Honoring myself through honoring others.
  7. The law of Harmony operates in my mind and body.
  8. My major premise is based on the eternal truth of life.
  9. It is important to feel my feelings. 
  10. If I practice mindfulness and self-awareness in my daily life, I will find myself savoring my life deeply. 
  11. If I live my values, each and every day, I am successful. 
  12. With commitment, I will accept no excuses, only results.
Now, I accept the invitation for my new life story and come to terms with being human. With this invitation, I embrace the fact that as the main character in the dramatic production of my life, I am the writer, director, and producer of my play. I am the human who chooses to live life fully with a purposeful attitude and the awareness of opening the door for grace and harmony in order to continue living a life that is orchestrated by my integrated mature spirit.  I am in a fluid dance with the universe and all of its inhabitants from a place of mindfulness and self-awareness, which inform my life in every moment.
Through my new life story, I see everyone's essence and connect with people through the authentic circle and from that essence without the pull to connect from an ego-based place. Each day, I live the only life I have to live with a strong sense of purpose and mission through gratitude, awareness, mindfulness, intelligence, grace, kindness, love and happiness. I regard the new story of my life in its entire vicissitudes and take daily action to support the features of my life purpose, enthusiasm for life, inspiration, wisdom, hope, possibilities and support for those who are seeking life-changing growth.

My new life story calls for me to pursue what really matters purposefully and dance the music of life as if nobody’s watching. That is to live this year and beyond without equivocation or hesitation, my personal mission and, through responsible choice, cultivate and nourish the needs of my soul and approach my human-journey from a soulfulness attitude.
My personal mission statement not only reflects my values, it IS my values in ACTION. I live a life of beauty, comfort, complexity, excellence, freedom, giving, sharing, luxury, trust, Teaching, spirituality, learning, purpose, and emotional intelligence. I am about INTENTIONAL EXCELLENCE and this the way I choose my new life story to be. I do consider it to be a spiritual life, a good life and a life worth living.

I am now accessing the core of who I am, and at the core, I have every freedom to know how I want to behave and feel. As a result, I am feeling deep gratitude for finding the path to the secret belonging of my heart, the gifts of Life and the clusters of presence that make up my secret companionship.

Written By: Windsor Lindor
CEO, Executive-Life Coach & Project Manager
My New Story (The highlight)
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