The Dance Floor of Life

It is so easy to lock our mind onto problems rather than opening to receive solutions on the dance floor of life.  We can be frustrated by what we believe has been lost, and feel pained and sad about it. We can spend a lifetime grieving over an unsatisfactory childhood, a blown opportunity, or a relationship that went wrong. True, we all have challenges, but our individual responses to them determines if we become puppets manipulated by outside powerful forces, or mature and powerful dancers on the dance floor of life.

Remember, we are responsible for our individual life. Every day is our time, our moment and our reason for choosing to celebrate the unending gift that life offers---the gift of perpetual renewal, every breath of our life. Time to celebrate change as an inevitable and delicious part of life. Time to stop and be aware that what we think is what we attract. Life is too short. Do not be bullied into silence and do not allow ourselves to be made victims. It is time for us to find the path that leads to living a more loving, prosperous, abundant and balanced life.

  • What are our Biggest RESULTS for this year so far?
  • Who are we being in order to truly live our purpose and make our life matter?
  • Do we make excuses about why we did not accomplish our goals?
Excuses complicate matters with smokescreens on the dance floor of life. A call for us to find the concealed door to let go of fear, free ourselves and question the integrity of our beliefs and know that fulfilling our dreams is our destiny. This will require each one of us to make a conscious choice every day to choose authentic living over image management. To choose forgiveness and to be free from the emotional pain. To shed the old issues, old guilt, old patterns, old responses, old resentments, old rivalries and fill our heart with Love, Kindness, Gentleness, Courage, Optimism, Peace and Forgiveness. To keep our momentum rolling by contributing something positive and fulfilling our true purpose in this earth’s life system.  Otherwise we will get stuck in a perpetual and juvenile dance, and end up becoming a puppet manipulated by outside powerful forces.

Our Life. Our Choice. Our reason for being on the
dance floor of life is to become successful managers of our life by wanting to explore what gives our life meaning, and that is powerful. This is the choice that is not optional if we want to live a more loving, prosperous, abundant and balanced life. Yes, this will require a point of departure, the willingness and the commitment to fan the ashes of lifeless hope in order to embrace our passions and the life that was intended for each one of us from the beginning. Our new and authentic life.

The questions remain, do we feel like there must be a greater purpose to our life? Do we want to move our objectives forward on the dance floor of life? If the answer is yes to either of these two questions, we absolutely want to be mature and powerful dancers. This path will bring us to accept no one's definition of our life, but to define ourselves individually and bring us to the highest possible emotional quality of life.
In essence, we will be better equipped to break through the smokescreens on the dance floor of life, leap-frog from where we are now to exactly where we want to be. Making us successful managers of our life.


Written By: Windsor Lindor
CEO, Executive-Life Coach & Project Manager
  © 2017 - Windsor Lindor Consulting LLC All Rights Reserved.



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