Our Life. Our Choice.

During our journey as human beings one thing is for sure, at every point in this journey, we are making one of the following choices, wise choices and uninformed choices. I believe it is time for us to be fearless and make wise and functional choices that support our passions and a life of fulfillment.  A call for transformational change and the choices are ours to make. However, our limited beliefs will make every effort to justify our reasons for not proceeding with placing healthy dependency to work in every area of our life.
Haven't we suffered enough? This is the moment to choose wisely. That is, choose to look at our attitude from a fresh new perspective. Be fearless. Ge the tools we need to isolate the beliefs that hold us back and dissolve negative thoughts. Our Life. Our Choice. The choice that will lead us to a life experience filled with Fulfillment, Joy, and Divine Abundance in EVERY area of OUR life.

We deserve the best and we have the ability to act and the responsibility to discover the steps necessary to find the courage to choose wisely and confront what can be imagined. If our current belief systems and way of life have not gotten us to where we really want to be---what are we waiting for to be powerful and find the trust to shift our limiting beliefs in order to move our purpose in our life forward? Our Life. Our Choice. The choice that will unleash the full potential of our mind, free ourselves and step into the infinite possibilities of our life purposefully. With this choice we will discover, trust, great love and will be propelled into an environment of dynamic action in order to boldly go where we have been secretly desiring.
Every day is our time, our choice to transform for success and take constructive energetic actions to renew our sense of purpose. It is also true, as individuals we choose this Life and as of right now, many of us have decided to no longer sit back with a victim mentality. We have committed to build ourselves an arch of courage within to go through our pain, fear and move our comfort zone forward. We make a personal commitment to be responsible and raise our awareness to a higher level that will genuinely bring new dimensions of fulfillment and success into our life.

What choices will some of us make within the next 24 hours to untangle from the conditional programs that keep us stuck? When would we give ourselves PERMISSION to resolve resentments and challenge ourselves to pursue large dreams and goals? This is the time to trust our quiet voice of courage to move us toward transformational change and taking 100% responsibility for our life. With this choice we will map out a course for our life that is right for us and in a way that will lead to living a balanced, loving and a prosperous life. This is the choice that is not optional if we want to achieve the SUCCESS we desire a great deal sooner, find true fulfillment and be in compliance to the attributes of emotional intelligence. Our Life. Our Choice.

Written By: Windsor Lindor
CEO, Executive-Life Coach & Project Manager
  © 2017 - Windsor Lindor Consulting LLC All Rights Reserved.


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