The Women in my Life

Life giving you are abundant with understanding.
As human beings, you do and be your best to take joy and excellence in all that you are, value all you are in the service of what you believe is, your purpose. 
You are individuals with:
  • Civil liberties,
  • Lives,
  • Powerful minds and Identities.
You have accepted the call not to be distracted by the "shoulds" and other rules that may have diverted you from articulating your purpose and needs. Why? Because you beam with intelligence and wisdom. You are strong enough to make all your dreams come true by going beneath the surface and training your minds to think in a new way, a way that leads you to embrace your intuitive nature and achieve your greatest dreams on the dance floor of life.
No apologies. No regrets. You connect and inspire others to accept and commit to grow their characters and rejoice in gratitude. You lead. You consistently work through excellence. You recognize that your strength is weakened by attitudes that suggest that you do not need to mirror compassion and kindness.
Your leadership character, it is from the depth of who you are, which energizes a wealth of comfort that can never be exhausted. There is a perfect blend of genuine grace and strength. A perfect amalgam of the hard and the soft. You neither seek definition from anyone, nor do you wait for anyone to read your mind. You are always at choice. You are quite capable of articulating your purpose and needs. You are in many ways fiercely devoted to your family, community and country. You work relentlessly to find ways to instill self-confidence in those around you. You create and give from your heart, mind and with honor. You are grounded.
You speak your truth from your heart directly without judgment. You are simply prosperous. You beam with intelligence and wisdom. So steady and stable, yet spontaneous and free. Life giving you are abundant with faith in action and understanding. Your internal courage surpasses all.
Today and each day, I will take time to pause and thank the women in my life for mirroring commitment, responsibility, great love, tenacity, courage, intelligence, excellence, purpose, self-reliant, self-care and creativity.

Written By: Windsor Lindor

© 2017 - Windsor Lindor Consulting LLC All Rights Reserved. 

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