The Sweet Whisper of Optimism

Sitting here in this moment, giving thanks for this weekend moment, reaching every corner of my mind and heart while reflecting in the warmth of the quiet moment with the sweet whisper of optimism. Feeling the peace and the stillness in this weekend moment. Feeling great love in every part of my whole being and gratitude.
Thank you for sharing with me the magnetic of your humanness here in this journey. We fray into the future, rarely wrought save in the tapestries of afterthought. More time, more time and enough time, the sweet whisper of optimism invites us to practice extreme self-care.

This weekend is another opportunity for us to acknowledge the joy, and ‘sweet’ we already have in our life and where we can find, peace, wisdom, balance, great love, healing and all things good. The sweet whisper of optimism reminds us to be in the moment with grace, know that our life has great value and be open to all its possibilities. At night, look at the northern-sky and in the warmth of the moment, free our mind from the essence of conflict.   

Breathe, face forward, spread our wings into the winds of awareness, authentic interaction and in the warmth, free ourselves from the traps of ego and walk with grace and a heart at peace. Feel the sweet whisper of optimism and it is helping us to trust our own possibility by rejuvenating our being and allowing grace of transfiguration to heal our wounds. In the warmth of this weekend, we need to s---t---r---e---t---c---h our heart, take a moment to breathe and witness the abundance in our life and connect with our loved ones by acknowledging them in gratitude. 

Look into being kind, gentle and loving with ourselves, maybe for the first time in our life. Why? Because the sweet whisper of optimism calls us to find the means to forgive the pain that crowns our head and forgive the pain that thorns our heart.

An invitation to be compassion, kind to ourselves and allow the wonder of self-care to maintain us. This will bring us to the highest possible emotional quality of life. In essence, we will be better equipped to create balance and bring harmony to our life throughout this weekend.

Have a super-fantastic weekend with the sweet whisper of optimism.

Written By: Windsor Lindor
'Breakthrough to Your Success on Purpose...'
© 2017 - Windsor Lindor Consulting LLC All Rights Reserved. 

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