Life Purpose

If we have a purpose and can articulate it with clarity and passion, everything makes sense; everything flows. Pursuing and living our life purpose will bring us back to who we are, have always been and will always be.  Pursuing and living your life purpose is a personal thing. Everyone has different purpose and it is a process. It is work and it takes time. This is perhaps the main reason why many people never find their life purpose. They want results instantly. Unfortunately, finding life purpose does not work that way. It is more like a journey than a one-time stop. It is a personal commitment to live the life we want . With this in mind, the questions remain:
  • What makes us come alive?
  • Where do we add the greatest value?
  • What are we waiting for to explore these questions about our own destiny, our life purpose?
My primary tasks, as a human being in the theater of life, are to be true to my 'Self' and to the spiritual laws which govern me, I must transform and transformational change is living my life purpose. I strive to mindfully live in alignment with my authentic ‘Self’ and to risk discomfort if it serves my personal transformation. In dealings with coaching clients, I will act with integrity and goodwill. I will be graceful, fair, conscious and truthful. I will help them to make better decisions that maximize their personal success, and live a more loving, prosperous, abundant and balanced life. I will inspire and empower them to live their highest vision in a context of love and joy through my coaching services. In dealings with others, I will act with nobility and friendliness. I will be graceful, fair, conscious and truthful. I will be available as an authentic Leader in grace by mirroring authenticity, personal responsibility, commitment, love, discipline, excellence and personal freedom.
Through my life purpose the vision is to be earth's most customer centric coaching-leader; to build a safe place where people can come to get the tools they need to transform their lives, businesses to a new experience of success through personal responsibility in delivering excellence. This is where I will deliver superior value to all customers by providing the best coaching tools with unique capabilities through heart-centered personal engagement, a strengths-based future-oriented process, in concert with personal responsibility, acceptance, commitment and excellence.  I will tenaciously continue to develop my leadership, coaching and technical skills and use them with humble confidence to raise the collective consciousness toward healing, fortifying and integrating body, mind, and spirit. I will live what I love through excellence in action.

Our Purpose in Life - Aim.  Goal. Determination. Resoluteness. Excellence in action.

Many have chosen to no longer sitting back with a victim mentality. They have taken inspired steps towards making a commitment to excellence in action. A commitment to become the mental architect of their own personal transformation and a creative channel in an effort to be in compliance to their life purpose... <Read More>
  • We choose this Life to do something that only we can do. Now, what is it? Click <Here> to read the full article.

Written By: Windsor Lindor
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