In Celebration of Valentine’s Day

In Celebration of Valentine’s Day
Thoughts of gratitude turn to Love. An unbreakable bond between us and a special Light ever so true. The warm glow of the Light of Love brings me happiness, as it has done from the start. We (Love and I) have made our own special place,and an everlasting place.
A sturdy place that will never corrode. If Love and I ever shall stumble; our undying and sincere connection for each other is responsible for this place.

This place was undoubtedly sent from above, a

wonderful gift of Light. I am feeling deep gratitude for this gift. Therefore, my mind is poised.
The sweet whisper of optimism swells in my heart.
In Celebration of Valentine’s Day, I hold this gift in my heart until the end of time. For my heart is immortal.
With the Light of Love, I have seen the truth and learned that I am made strong in the Source. The Source gives me strength for my weakness, my fears are turned to hope, anger to forgiveness and bitterness to the reflection of Love.

In Celebration of Valentine’s Day, I learn that lack of forgiveness will hold me back and cause me to become spiritually stagnant. I will also find myself in a place where I will not be living a life in the full, passionate expression of my heart’s desire.

Thus, I embrace the language of forgiveness and let go in order to develop Emotional Intelligence through your Light of Love. In the warmth of Life, the Light of Love exists as a universal quality, outside of all of us, that can never be defeated. As a result, I commit myself to its Light freely and without reservation.

In Celebration of Valentine’s Day,the Light of Love holds me in the flow of that which is alive. It is unconditional positive regard. The Light of Love allows me to be whole and accept all the parts of who I am. It is is an understanding that leads me out into the pasture of possibility. Uncover my soul as I allow the Light of Love and intimacy to grow without imposing boundaries or letting fear get in the way.

In Celebration of Valentine’s Day, I continue to sense even more the presence of the Truth in the midst of it all, that I chose to let it draw me closer, rather than away from the Light of Love and in that, peace and rest are given to my soul. A Light that is birthed out of a relationship with the Truth and it has sustained my energy.

It gives me hope and purpose, when nothing else will. Each new day is a wonderful gift.

Another wondrous evidence of the Light's continual show of  kindness, self care, forgiveness, courage and freedom. The Light that lives in me. Each new sun is a time for me to be open and receptive to Love.
In Celebration of Valentine’s Day, I surrender to the Light of Love from the heart. A work that will continue to change me, and those around me as I walk daily with the Light and in walking with the Truth, I am learning to share the Light and given a change of heart. I will continue to work and be worthy of your trust, and l continue to organize my behavior to always deserve the Light of Love.

In Celebration of Valentine’s Day, the Light of Love remains in my heart.
Through gratitude, I pledge that I shall always march ahead. As I walk with all my sisters and brothers (all of Universe's

women, men, girls and boys) in spirit toward the ‘invigorating autumn of freedom and equality’ and with the Light of Love I cannot turn back. Because the Light of Love works in ways that are wondrous and extraordinary. It is unselfish, understanding and kind, for it sees with its heart and not with its mind. The Light of Love is life's sweet mystery. It exists in itself, not relying on owning or being owned.

In Celebration of Valentine’s Day, the Light of Love is more then an emotion you feel. IT IS THE POSSIBILITY OF POSSIBILITIES. It is Forgiveness, Understanding, Compassion, Humility, Peace, Happiness, Gratefulness,

Patience, Self Control, Kindness, Truth and Wisdom, none of  which are independent of any of the others. All of these things are a part of Love. May Love find its home in your heart freely and gently throughout this journey.

In Celebration of Valentine’s Day, you are called to keep yourself on track in order to develop Emotional Intelligence and experience Intimacy and true Love.

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Written By: Windsor Lindor
CEO, Life Coach & Lifestyle Strategist
© 2015 Windsor Lindor Consulting LLC All Rights Reserved.


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